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graphics on covers
December 20, 2011, 5:00 pm
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I really admire the bookbinders who can do whole pictures on to book covers, you know the ones where there is a gizillion little bits of leather all beautifully pared and coloured and no bumps and ridges. I have never ever seen an estimation of how long it takes or how the book’s leather cover was kept “open”. In the few attempts where I have tried to do it I have become absolutely deranged it always ends in tears and the I end up trashing the leather though I save the book and repurpose it.

Libertarian Books
December 20, 2011, 2:48 pm
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The series of books I will be working on next will use use big strong statements from libertarian politics. Because I like a big statement on a book.

I love a title and the title can be an emblematic but the truth is I cant get away doing pictures on covers have really failed doing the flowers and stars on the covers.

The content of this book (the book block) is obviously blank paper! ( I make these books for people to write in, truth is I make the books for people to buy!)

The paper is a stunning 300 gms 50% cotton form Fabranio and I have left the edges uncut to show off it’s pretty deckeled edge.