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Getting better at bookbinding or die trying.
February 1, 2012, 2:34 pm
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Last week I attended the “Designer Bookbinder” exhibition at Newcastle Central Library, I came back really excited by the books and immediately went to my bench got some paper started folding then sewing.

The next morning I looked at the book and was filled with a sinking feeling. I was not creating a book that would contain all my new inspired ideas. I was making was a book that would encompass all my failings as a binder. The book would be a trade-off and a compromise. This book would suck.

Between now and April 1st I am going to make significant improvements in my bookbinding practice. I am going to use this space to record what I am doing. I am going to find measurable ways that I have changed my bookbinding and I am going to prove it.

When I was going blah blah blah at the students a couple of weeks back I was droning on about “integrity” and when I pulled the paper on top of the bench to make my new wonder book “integrity” flew out the window, what I was about to start to do is “bodging”

I don’t want to bodge anymore.

The major clue that the book I making was doomed to failure was that I had not made a note, a plan or a design. Somehow I figured that I could somehow extrapolate what I had seen at the exhibition and somehow transmit my intentions via my fat hands!

This is not going to be a grim exercise in self recrimination it’s going to be a blast and I might even get better at spelling.




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