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In which I make a shocking admission.
February 3, 2012, 3:25 pm
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I don’t use my own books. Every day I stand at my bench and I write out my list and I use a sheet of paper usually it’s this really funky graph paper for the past couple of months it’s been scrap bits of the 300 gms 50% cotton because it is beautiful.

It is very rarely a book I have bound myself. Usually I’ll make a “bench book” and I will have a “go at it” and it may last a week or two then I exile it to the shelf and get back together with dirty loose leaf paper.

Here’s the kicker : Why should I expect people to buy these books when I am not fully committed to using them myself? Good question Well presented.

I think what is at the heart of this issue is that I am up writing a “to do list” and not the great american novel. It’s all:  “make curry, take the dog out, clean the press, think about block, take the dog out again, put boards on hare, puppy, star, foal, sparrow, piglet, and cloud. (this is how I name books when I am making them it’s a bit twee but it’s better than numbers and letters)

Writing is what other people do.

In this period of experiment, which ends on the first of April, I am going to write in a proper book that I have made for the purpose and it’s not going just lists of tasks which I have scored out.

I am going to fill the book with ideas, colours, diagrams, notes, commonplace, drawings, and stuff. It will all be about bookbinding and experimenting.

The book I made to do this is long and narrow I hate the metric series of paper sizes I am going to go back to Victorian foolscap sizes. The book fully covered in brown goatskin that has marks and blemishes on it (it’s going to get more) the end papers are bonkers and to make it extra handsome I have given it 11 raised bands on the spine because I wanted to.

I have to go and walk the dog then go to Boots now.


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