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I gather up my ammunition.
February 6, 2012, 10:59 am
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I think that if you care about a discipline you will obtain guides to construct the maps you need to deepen your understanding of the terrain. This journey is not for sissies. Go to your bookshelf’s and you will be able to pull the books out that you are going to grab if the house catches fire. Same goes for tools. There would be no dithering it’s this, this, this and this. Because you just “know”

These are the books that I reckon I should do better to honour.

The Threads that Bind : Interviews with Private Practice Bookbinders. Pamela Train Leutz.

Every so often a book comes along on bookbinding and it should just be required to buy it if you feel you can call your self a bookbinder. The hard work and sacrifices that people have made to the development and practice of craft is laid out in these pages.

Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiders and Textile Artists. Kay Greenlees.

There is a veritable industry out there churning out collections of sketchbooks pages which I believe seek only to undermine and cause deep fear and anxiety in the unfortunate who seeks to have a pretty sketch book. This one is good I can go through this book without feeling threatened and it instills a sense of possibility rather than panic.

Bookbinding. Arthur W Johnson

The classic “how to” Every so often I think “How would Arthur do it?” It’s going to have the answer.

Fine Bookbinding a technical Guide Jen Lindsay

A future classic. I love it and fear it at the same time. Revolutionary and reactionary at the same time.

It finds me wanting.

Creative Pencil Drawing. Paul Hogarth

Just lovely, as good as pudding.

Drawing Projects an exploration of the language of drawings. Mick Maslen and Jack Southern.

I have just acquired this and this is like advanced theoretical psychics except it’s drawing! It’s a first-rate book that demands attention. The writing is illuminating.

The Painted Inscriptions of David Jones : Nicolete Gray.

If the house was in fire and I had to choice between a t-shirt and this book I am going to running around naked in the street with this book strategically placed about my person. Doing justice to this book requires Sister Wendy discipline. I need religious chops, the work is that spiritual.  I am prepared to examine my inevitable failure with this book and I will try to remember to be kind to me.




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Thankyou. My wishlist has just grown…

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