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Choose a face you can live with.
June 5, 2012, 11:40 am
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I print for my on amusement, it makes me laugh like an idiot I am that easily amused by my output. A few weeks ago in an effort to clear up some storage I found all my “printings” crammed in to various plastic bags and boxes so I was able to review this cavalcade of stupidity and half baked ideas. 

First thing is that I am way too precious about the “printing” I’ve kept every thing so I went through it all and binned all the rubbish and duplicates and set about assessing why I liked what I liked and how to progress that.

Turns out that in reality I have maybe three or four bits of letterpress where I think have nailed it. (On reflection it’s two) Thats really great because I have a direction to investigate I can actually describe with words what I am going to achieve. Rejoice!

The work I had the fondest memories did not stand the test of time and had glaring horrible mistakes with the type setting. I lacked the ability to judge it. Still I know where I cam buy some hair spacing.

The big decision I made was really quite simple once I processed it “Get rid of all the metal type that does not “work” don’t curate it just scrap it.  That was quite liberating.

I now have a half font of 18 point Garamond italic. I can live with that.