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What bookbinders can learn form the design of trade publishing? EVERYTHING!
August 28, 2012, 9:33 am
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Is it me or is it absolutely obvious that the best looking books are coming form the big publishing houses. As a bookbinder working in tradition materials and methods I think I would be better to take inspiration ( thats code for rip off) form the New York Review of Books than the lastest copy of “The New Bookbinder” It’s in the realm of the bloody obvious really.

Take this book here. 

ImageIt’s a retelling about an incident in the second world war of just astonishing bravery. All the cool boys like it and the art work is festooned with what Martin, Bret and Mario think about it. Fan boys put me off but then again I am a bit more secure in my ability to buy a book I am interested in. 

I always liked the title, loved the photo of Heydrich on the cover but I was not prepared for the fore edge of the book.

ImageAnd if we undress the book a little.



How good is that! 

ImageIt’s designed by James Jones and that is all I know. If I find more of his designs I’ll post them.

This book pushes buttons that I didn’t know I had. That spine and fore edge symmetry thing.

I seen a book the other day that had just the fore edge coloured and I immediately implemented it on a book I am making that is trying to incorporate the “stay open” mechanism used in the O’Reilly computer books. It’s sitting on the corner of the bench awaiting it’s cover.

Books should open freely and flat. I think by building up the spine with pva, creating a mechanism that allows the boards to be attached and when the book is opens the boards push out the block. The cover has a a couple of mm play in the spine cover to accommodate it. 

But mostly I will be thinking of screen printing. That and getting my big lying press fixed and my guillotine blade ground.





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