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I am not a “craftswoman” I am an inadequate bookbinder
January 17, 2013, 10:48 am
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I was introduced to a group of students the other day ‘Deirdre is a craftswoman’ and I thought “no I am not”, I have several well rehearsed pony tricks and when I get them right it’s a glorious result.
What I am is a tradesman, I’ve got a bunch of trade qualifications, my particular style of binding couldn’t get more ‘trade’ the ‘proper’ bookbinders will point and have a giggle at me. (seriously I am that thinned skinned!)

As a tradesman I make a trade, we agree the price and I make the book to the best of my abilities and you give me money. Business transaction over.

I have no problems with embracing the limits of my abilities, if I don’t think I can do what the client wants to a level I am secure with, I’ll pass on the job.

This year I am going to exploit the ‘trade’ and pass on the ‘craft’ in translation that means more baby books and I can’t wait.


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