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What I am going to do with the materials.
January 3, 2013, 5:26 pm
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I has always been my experience that I can look back over number of books I have made and I can pick the one which I loved the most. It is invariably a commission which I can’t keep but I’ll hang on to it and I will positon it in the top left hand of my bench and keep an eye on it eventually I’ll give it to the person that ordered it to be made.

I received the folded signatures for this little book I was a bit concerned, the some of the papers were running against the grain, lots of different types of papers and some art work. I had never bound up mixed up papers before but I know from teach at the long workshops the students will put together books with watercolor paper, pastel paper and tracing paper. So I bound up the little book and put one of the artist’s works on the cover covered it with black calf.
Its lovely and handsome.


This year I am going to bind a series of 10 books like this. Each with a different flower on them.

I like to play with printing presses and I am going to go back and do more of this stuff I do with the little dog and her imagined sayings, I am going to need to get better block made. Growl bruv.


I am going to embrace my one trick pony and repeat the trick again and again and again. it comes down to this book here


and again


one more time


This book is absofuckingloutely great. It would be a crime to deny people the opportunity to buy one like it. Why should there just be one? It’s a stationery book not the Sistine Chapel. So I am going to make more of them. You lucky people.

I was working on a book last month that just putting it together gave me so much pleasure. In the past I have not always enjoyed making ‘baby books’ but the this one together with it’s ‘sister’ volume form a few years back gave made me realised that I take so much pleasure in making them that I am going to find a market for them.








what I did with the money
January 2, 2013, 3:11 pm
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I keep coming back to this because I have never managed to finish it. Properly.
I rolled up a sum of money form various commissions during the summer and this is what I spent it on. Magic Beans!


The outrageously beautiful marbled paper and I might just be the first to use it in this country.


A selection of books that will provide an education for years to come. “Rodger Powell:The Compleat Binder” is a book that offers a life time of study and I consider my self a truly fortunate woman to own a copy. I also rate Christopher Clarkson’s “Limp Vellum Binding” again a life time study.


Robert Cornwall’s beautiful plough and press. The blade is incredible and I am working the plough at quite a hight on my bench I can feel how responsive the plough is. Totally different form using a vertical plough which was clamped to my bench or my old plough which ran on a press that was screwed on to the end of the bench. It is beautiful.


Various small hand tools but that cherry wood folder by Robert Cornwall is really great for large surfaces. Students who have never seen or used a regular bone folder love it.


Now we are talking! Look at this big pile of board and paper! You would never think that I have actually passed exams on the paper storage. Obvious answer in the exam stick it in a big pile under the bench. What this big pile is a mixture of 170 gms, 300gms.various thickness of grey board. There is a massive pile of bristol cartridge paper which I got for a great price, there is a whole ream of archival kraft paper and 25 sheets of the best paper in the world Fabranio 50% cotton rag in 300gms that was my present to myself. I am worth it.

I thought I was going to have to buy the whole range of inks but really this is all I need, more or less. I am going to need more though.

Now we are talking! this is black calf in one of my rants I decided that all I wanted to work on is black calf and this selection came my way I bought it form le Prevo in Newcastle and I am well pleased. It was a stunning price for the five skins.


I had a private commission last year and I wanted to use a piece of calf that had a flaw on it (we say “flaw” but it’s an animal and it’s lived it’s life sometime among barb wire fencing) but anyway this book I was making needed good black calf and I only had one piece in the whole house I thought suitable with all it’s “flaws” and I was telling the client that this piece of leather was the best in the whole house and I own a lot of leather. Client took a risk and the book was great.
I bought two skins form Harmatan for extra special client work.


I only have one of these and thats a shame because I think I would like a herds worth at least. This is a natural goat skin and it is a bit good I might need a couple of herds.
Thats what I did with the money and next I am going to say what I am going to do with it.