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the practice of practice
February 11, 2013, 3:31 pm
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it is perhaps my biggest problem, I don’t practice nearly enough, I don’t break the task down to smaller chunks, I don’t isolate the part that I am failing in and correct it my repeating the task over and over again until it becomes habit. At my most ridiculous I will not only refuse to practice but I will make a complete book in order to execute a design idea. It’s unnecessary and uses up materials and leaves me with a book that orphaned it has no buyer.

I am not going to write a book on how to do bookbinding (I think) but if I did I would really push critical assessment : how do I know it’s “good”? 

The other thing “Learn you a bookbinding for great good” book would have is a time line, how many hours practice you should put to understand and demonstrate a particular component on making a book. I should be able to see consistant improvement over a time scale. I start here and I want to go there. This is practically a mathematical equation.

At a workshop I gave recently I understood while looking at a students work that the basic foundations are there and told him that he was 80% there. Now this is not plucking a number out the air but it’s a metric that is going to be useful for him because nailing the remaining 20% is where the practice comes in.


This is a ‘practice’ note that it’s not on a book, it’s on a bit of board. It’s got it’s flaws, principally the black lettering is calf and it would be better as goat, biggest problem is the red circles / dots  are to big, the lettering needs better cutting and I did not consider the coloured infils and stuck in leather which came to hand probably explains the calf as well.

So I am going to practice it again.


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