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what ever happened to the rainbow list?
February 26, 2013, 10:55 am
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I was asked this morning what was happening to this list I posted last year in no particular order:

“Do the mechanical slotted technique” : don’t quite know what this refers to so obviously I’ve done nothing.

“Write up the St Cuthbert project” Obviously I didn’t write it up but I have taken the book “St Cuthbert, his cult and his community” out the library again and I have done some Lindisfarne lettering on books. But no I have not “written” up the “project” unless this counts : “Stick some Lindisfarne lettering stuff on the cover of a book for great profit” Epic Fail.

“Make two “Baby books” a week and advertise them in the “lit and phil” Again did not do anything about it. Stupid as it’s my best hope.

“Make a series of books on florilgum.” My second strongest card again I have done noting about it.

“If I was invited to give an academic paper?” Oh I love this one because I did do something about it. I thought good and hard and worked it out, I will never be in the position because I am not an intellectual and the primary purpose of the state is to employ the intellectuals in the state’s universities. I have a trade.

“Consider coptic binding” This is one of the things that just vanished from my thoughts.

“Find more teaching” I did put some effort in to this and worked a few things out. One is that I can deliver several types of workshops : I can do a morning / afternoon. I can do a full day or I can do my preferred one week. I have contacted all the colleges and universities in the immediate area and I don’t get a reply. I am not an intellectual. I have a trade.

“Clean press and do a printing!” Yes I did a printing and I am going to do it again, next time with a clear and precise list of what I am going to print. There is an awful temptation just to scribble and doodle with the press. It needs consideration.

Plan an edition of 20 “garden notes” This is that consideration thing again! I did order the blocks and I didn’t do it.

So that rainbow list : well I did nothing about it but it’s still a valid and good list of intentions. I stand buy every last unfulfilled word of them and I am going to hang this particular albatross around my neck and have another go at them.


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