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When I have no commissions I am not really a bookbinder.
February 26, 2013, 9:13 am
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I am just waiting for a reason to make a book that some one is paying money for, and I am only really motivated by the proper rate. If you are on a “mate rates” with me it’s going to take time, in fact it might not even happen.

At the moment I am going to say “no” to one proposal on the table in kinda “silk purse versus pigs ears” argument in which I am the purveyor of the “ears” It’s not often I invoke William Morris but when I ran the proposal past my inner William Morris he was roaring “have you no self respect woman!” and I can’t quite turn him off now. Shame because the money was good.

I have a couple of “suck it and see” commissions kicking around which will be strangled at birth as soon as I say the magic money numbers. Shame because I would like some money.

If I had “a money” I would be buying parchment coloured leather probably the Harmattan Biscuit goat skin and I would do some more Lindisfarne stuff. And I would buy paper obviously! I’ve seen a major piece of equipment I would like but it’s serious money and I would like to commission some tools for the tooling. I seen a course I would like to attend. Just to break the numbers on that : I would want to spend £100 on the leather at least, paper £50 to £75 and thats nothing special, the equipment £800 plus another £200 at least, tools for the tooling £100 to £200 and the course is £350 plus travel. The paper is ‘nothing’, the leather would be good if I spend more take it to £200. On a bang for buck analysis the one to do is the tools for tooling because it’s a new area for me and my idea is actually really good. The major workshop equipment buy is really going to be £1,300. But with it I take over the world. No really.
I would like to do the course but in the world of “rock paper scissors” materials and tools always win.

I have no money, no commissions, no workshops, I don’t even have a bull shit c.v. and equally bull shit ‘statement’ I am only as good as my last paid piece of work.

I have a couple of ideas and one of them is really strong. Strong enough to shut William Morris’s beardy mouth.




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integrity ftw

Comment by Alex

My God you write well. Just go on obeying that beardy mouth. Make a huge show of your prices Go naked and beautiful, flaunt the expense the monied like that.

Comment by Dixie Nichols

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