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I am changing.
March 17, 2013, 9:34 am
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The problem I have been had with some of my bookbinding lately is more than perceived ability and practice.

It’s about some of the ways I think people will buy my services.

It’s about the whole of the craft industry.

And it has made me realised that “I” really do need to make it better.

I am working on it, but I need to keep going, go further, move quicker.

I need to become so good I can’t be ignored.

I know that the more I work with British sourced materials the better my books become.

I am going to make sure that all my leathers, linens, paper, wax and boards comes form the UK and Ireland.

And now I am going to move on to the colour pigments.

By July I will have found a new way of selling books. 

Because bookbinding is what I do best.

I know this because of books I have made in the past and because the price of my books have continuously rised.

But I think the traditional market place for craft is the wrong place to be in.

I know that, no matter what you spend this will be the best crafted item you can buy.

Every one deserves the best.

I know this will only work if I am open about the way I make the books.

And if your not happy, tell me.


This is it.

I am changing.

(with apologies to Tesco’s)

Here in the UK it’s been uncovered that horse meat was entered the food chain and the biggest supermarket chain has launched a campaign of damage limitation. One of the things they did was a this “we are changing” which reads beautifully like it’s been written by some one with poetry chops, it’s sincere and direct and to the point.    





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