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this is surface of my bench
March 25, 2013, 8:58 am
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I love my bench like I love my bed. We are made for each other. When I do bookbinding at a workshop it feels wrong because I am sitting down. I stand up at my bench and it’s hight has been adjusted to the right level for me.

See that big light box it’s grubby with spray mount and I take it so for granted that it’s invisible to me. Every day I come and stand at my bench and put the light on and I start bookbinding. I have Radio 4 on as well. The light cost £8 in a charity shop and it’s used to treat seasonally affected disorder (SAD) I am not sad but I thought it would make for a good work light and it’s fantastic. If you have any spare money get one of these. Bench and light.


These boys are getting pasted down and in to a press today.


This is ‘sparrow’ her snap back is weak, I am going to remake it and all her brethren’s spines anew and if this means losing their boards so be it. I’ll make them new boards. What I like about this series of books is they are going in right direction. Light, good in the hands and non scary.
Buyer friendly rather than putting the fear of God in to them.


I will fix these.



Found these, absolutely no idea what so ever I was intending to do with them no doubt proving a point that I don’t need to make any more. The repeating the experiment that I insufficiently framed. I’ll get them sewn up and take a view. I’ll take some of the sections out to make them a bit more friendly. Not so thick.


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