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Reasons to be cheerful.
March 30, 2013, 12:25 pm
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I am in my 50’s so I am undoubtedly wise and no longer a threat to the beautiful young girls (if indeed I ever was but I get amusement at speaking truth to their power)

I am cool that I can’t get my books in a craft shop because I except I have no business being in them in the first place.

I except that one of the reasons that I can’t get to teach workshops in any of the university and colleges is that I don’t have an art degree and I am not an intellectual.

I am going to stop being apologetic and coy about the price of a book. It’s going to cost £150 and thats going to rise.

I am going to do some letterpress work this weekend. I fell seriously out of love with printing I think I succumbed to rampant fear uncertainty and doubt. Get over myself.

I am going to round up all the half made, finished, unfinished books and get them sorted put them either on sale on big cartel or folksy or in the truly unwanted get them in the hands of students form previous workshops. Get money and buy Harmattan calf skin and Fabriano paper.


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