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That massive big pile of books
April 12, 2013, 1:41 pm
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First thing to point out is that these are not dainty lady sized books, they are big, stroppy, deal with it, in your face and massive books. Some people battle with their weight my long battle is with the size and proportions of books.
The thing about books is this : they are always judged, always examined and sometimes they are found wanting. This mountain of books is an affiliation of books that are guilty as charged.


This is a fine and handsome chap and he is going to make some one happy.


Nice little flat back covered in Jefferies “jammy dodger” paper, unfortunately has a battle wound form being badly stored so the artist I am waiting to have a coffee with can take it home. One down over one hundred to go.


Twin books, good proportions nice makers tool. Probably will take the brown leather off and put new on.


This is from a million years ago when I was really keen on the idea of bondage books, books so dangerous that they had to be tied up and locked down.


The marbled paper was done by Ann Muir and it matched that purple Harmattan leather so well. I believed that if I was to go along to a meeting with a client and I had purple goat and sheets of that marbled paper I would get a commission.


That gold pig skin is a swine to pare.


This poor grubby boy is kept to remind me that at one time I could marble paper.



I love the heart and the red and the green. Will revisit this.


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