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and I fell out of love with printing…..
April 25, 2013, 10:45 am
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I didn’t mean to fall out of love but I did, and my press is in the kitchen and I ignore it, I live around it, me and the press in the kitchen, it’s squatting, it’s the proverbial in the proverbial.

I think everyday for the past six months now I have had ‘nod’ in it’s direction, I had even got some new blocks made and I never printed from them, I wrote off all my efforts as rubbish and proceeded to ignore it.

But this morning on twitter I seen a reference to this book.


and I remembered when I bought my copy it was when I was at technical college doing printing with the apprentices and the college was slowing shutting down the departments, clearing out the equipment and the libraries and I found this book. I think it cost 10p.

This other book is the magisterial “printing on the iron hand press” It’s the greatest book ever written on any subject in the world. Ever.

I have realised that around the time I fell out of love I ‘lost’ as in I can’t find it ‘printing for pleasure’ by John Ryland and I am desolate about it. It’s the only book I would never lend. It’s such a small book it can be easily lost in the shelves and I know it’s in the house somewhere I just can’t find it. It’s talismanic and I became miserable.

Anyway look upon the work of the mighty Richard-Gabriel Rummonds and be amazed.







This is a big thick and beautifully put together book.


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