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Game old bird in Gore-tex knickers.
May 21, 2013, 10:16 am
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While out walking today I remembered this apt description : “game old bird in Gore-tex knickers” it’s what I aspire to be, it’s my manifest destiny. I spotted the woman walking towards me once and she must have been in her late 60’s and she has wearing a Gore-text jacket and she had short cut hair that she might have cut herself and her face looked a bit weather beaten from walking on the hills. If I had to guess she was a retired academic. I thought thats me, thats me in the future, embrace yourself, thats where your going, thats the direction.

The Gore-tex part is easy, I walk several hours a day and Gore-tex is the most incredible fabric it keeps you bone dry. I have been drenched in the rain so badly that I had to strip off all my clothes and at the moment I wanted Gore-tex knickers and sock liners as well.

So what I am saying here is that I am going to be an old lady and I am going to be that game old bird. Scottish lady bookbinder and all that. The other thing that struck me this morning is that “game old bird in Gore-tex knickers” is a title I am going to do in the series of books with soft porn titles.


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