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The tolerance of ambiguity.
May 22, 2013, 1:59 pm
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One of the things I have come really late to understanding and indeed appreciating is that I can make an object that is really something special. I can make you the most amazing book and I am really good at it.

I had a commission a while back and I was struck by the idea that in order for me to get the money all that was required of me was to shut up and make the book. In fact there has been a couple of these through out the years.

It means that your experience as the maker does not matter, your abilities with these materials and construction does not matter and every thing you know about how a book should look and feel does not matter. To get the money your insights are not required, just make the book the way they want it. Generally I take the money and make the book like the way they say and tell them what I think.

A couple of weeks back I said No for the first time over a commission that was just one of these “do it like I say” and to be honest I would have liked the money but I think it’s time to draw a line.

Some of the nonsense that spills from my mouth is hilarious.
I was talking to a bookbinder the other day and I was saying I fancied an exhibition! And we chat, he was very useful and eventually I work out what I am talking about is a very small shelf filled with books, the books would be chained to the shelf, it would secure them and allow people to handle them, this shelf of books could be in a cathedral or a hotel. Whatever. And I am thinking I could do that, I could show some new ideas, some new work with new tools, I could do the medieval book thing.

However I have come to my new found senses in which I ask what would the mechanic do? (the garage at the top of my street is my new business model I don’t do craft any more I do trade) Fact is mechanics and other trade dudes don’t do exhibitions! They don’t need to it’s something understood in the business transaction : my car is not working right make it go, all right, it’s fixed give me money.
I don’t need an exhibition I just need better publicity. In fact I just need to improve on telepathy because thats not working for me.
I think I’ll go and ask the mechanic how he did it.


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