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Bookbinders – this man is a miracle worker!
May 31, 2013, 9:09 am
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As you can see this is a guillotine, it’s old and I have a love hate thing going on with it.
Previously I would take the blade to the saw doctors to get sharpened but it was a pain to do. They were used to working with printers and and not batty women coming off the street. I was never that happy with the sharpening. Then the blade got extended, reground and sharpened at the engineers but I had problems with the angle it would cut book bloc and it still had nicks.

I like coloured edges on a book so I can’t use the guillotine if the nicks on the blade leave groves. So for years I used a plough. I would use the guillotine for chopping up papers and board, but when it comes to trimming a book I like a plough it leaves a beautiful clean edge and I like the rhythm of working with it.

But the goldielock book was cut on the guillotine, must have been cut just after the blade had been sharpen and I think if I am going to recreate the book then I had better do the same with the tools around me.

I found a new nut for the screw for my old press and Malcolm the mechanic welded it to the plate, I had lost the bolts that had screwed the press to the end of the bench So on a Saturday morning a few weeks back I announced that action would be done this very day!
Much to the husbands amusement. I am a sloth.

I went on the internet and looked for a solution this service came up it’s a great site I was able to specify exactly what I wanted and press pay! I parcelled up my blade took it to the post office and then went on to the fixings shop and got the threaded bar to secure the press to the bench.

I got the blade back on the Tuesday talk about fast service.

It’s the best sharpening this blade has ever had all the nicks have gone, it cuts books like butter and I would have no problem in using it to cut work for a client.

So if you are looking for knife sharpening go with this company I can’t recommend them enough.

I had that lovely warm feeling you get when you have been putting off something because of sheer dread of the actual frustration you will experience, and it couldn’t have been better for me.


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