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little beeswax animals
June 21, 2013, 8:20 am
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These are the left over beeswax animals from the last Friday’s session. When I started studying bookbinding at college a billion years ago I was really broke, had absolutely no money at all and I remember that one week I bought some needles, the next I bought some thread and the week after I bought some beeswax. My bookbinding teacher had given everyone in the class a bone folder and each week I acquired some tools and materials. I remember buying leathers by paying half one week and the balance the week after.

Eventually I found a educational trust and applied for a grant and I was successful I was able to get a furniture maker to make me my first plough and press, I was able to get some more hand tools and a big pile of materials. I got lucky in that I was given a bench and I consider it to be consider my most important tool.

I really understand how it is when you are starting out and perhaps you have not much money or are unsure of how committed you want be to bookbinding.

I think the very best thing I can do at my courses is to give away even more materials and tools and handmade equipment.



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This is lovely!! Where did you get the moulds? I too am collecting bits and bobs for book binding; but I will not be giving up my day job!

Comment by helen1950

helen I am going to send you stuff so send me your address.

Comment by growlygracepress


Comment by helen1950

off course I went and deleted your address!

can you repost it or send it to me at

Comment by growlygracepress

I’d love to know more about your bench, how it’s constructed, what’s the best height, materials etc as I plan to try and make one for my so far barely started bookbinding plans (made 2 books so far!). Do you tend to stand or sit when you work? (affects the optimum height I’m thinking). Is your press on the bench? If not what does it sit on? thanks for your great blog!
-John from Bath

Comment by John

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