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benches and presses
June 28, 2013, 6:02 am
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Bookbinders do it standing up and at a bench, this bench originally came form a school and was used in the woodworking class. It has railway sleepers under the legs to get it to the right height for me to work at.


It has a very useful vice on the front.


I have my old press and plough at one end. I am going to use this press for colouring and glueing. I have a new plough, but I am still fond of this one. The bench has a shelf that I use for reams of paper and stacks of board.

I could not even begin to contemplate how I could even start to make a book with out a bench.

I noticed a couple of years ago that Ikea had a couple of stand alone kitchen units that would make for great work benches.

My bench is placed in front of a window and here’s the kicker, that big ugly shaped box in the middle.


That’s a light box for the treatment of ‘seasonly affected disorder’ or SAD as it’s called, I bought it in a charity shop for £8 it’s just incredible. So I have a fantastic bench and light set up for my work.


This is the the red headed step child of the set, it’s my book press and it’s as ugly as sin. At the moment it’s on the floor which at least it’s behind me and not in my line of sight. But it’s a powerful press it’s just marine ply, threaded bar and a car jack and it works.


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