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Positivity evangelical about bookbinding 4
June 28, 2013, 2:16 pm
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I swear this is the last posting I am going to do about the nonsense I was spouting at the Baltic a couple of weeks ago.

First of all a recap, I believe that in a short workshop you can gain traditional bookbinding skills it’s going to take at least three hours. It’s easier if the group knows each other. But for a group meeting that day it’s at least 3 hours and that gets you simple pamphlet stitch, on three holes, five or seven. We touched on grain direction, (the teaching of the grain direction of paper is a moveable feast day for me sometimes I will go on and on about it other times I’ll mention it and move on)


I did the the thing about traditional materials like linen and wax, I would move on to the function of the cover and the end papers, I would have explained that the function of the book is to secure the contents, by keeping is safe and clean, by enclosing a cover around it, by taking each aspect of the book’s weakness and strengthening them as in using beeswax on the thread, tie off the know inside the book, using a cloth strip to strengthen the spine and most importantly making the book with folded sheets, rejecting single sheets with a Japanese stab binding because the book does not open flat.

I would have gone on and on at great length about making the book handsome and how that makes me happy.


The other thing I went on about is the little bits of printings, I taught a simple technique called ‘tipping in’ this is the traditional method of placing ‘plates’ on a page of a book. I pointed out that if we put a label on a book we totally change the meaning of that book.

This is from a workshop before Christmas


This from a couple of years ago.


A small label is all you need to make the book beautiful and functional.

I would have also said to buy leather clothes at charity shops in particular skirts and trousers to cut up and experiment with.

I decorate end papers with this ink


My end papers look like this


I keep the scraps to write notes on like this



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