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June 30, 2013, 12:52 pm
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In the chapter entitled “Finding a place for the crafts” in the utterly fantastic “The crafts in Britain in the 20th century” by Tanya Harrod. She outlines the many organisations between the war years that held annual shows and exhibitions where “makers hired stalls and a emphases crowd pulling craft demonstrations”
“The Englishwoman Exhibition of Arts and Handicrafts, organised and sponsored by the magazine of that name, was held at the Central Hall, Westminster from 1910 until the Second World War. This was an overwhelmingly female occasion, with titled woman patrons and predominately women exhibitors……..Phyllis Baron remembers it “as a rather terrible sort of Christmas bazaar. A lady next door to me sold brooches made of fishbones and one on the other side decorated jam jars with oil paint.”

I nearly snorted gin and tonic all over myself at that!
Because when you lift up the rock and look at the scrambling creepy crawlies that is underneath it’s just like todays craft market. It is absolutely riddled with bitchy women making snarky remarks, Guilty as charged!
Take me down!

These craft fares where washed up after the second world war but they still happen today, or shops open up selling a mash up of vintage, tea cups and fabric art. It does not sell and I think what we are actually seeing is an agency where you put in your hand embellished shoes ffs and the owners gets a fee. Now you are all cliver people and you knew all that but I worked it out in my head.

I once walked down a road and I see a long trail of vans being unloaded and being taken in to a hall it was a vintage clothing fare and every single male van driver was pushing rails of cloths and they were as fast as roadies and I realised that it was deadly professional and thats what these guys did 52 weeks of the year and it looked like bloody hard work.

I don’t do craft or book fares I am way too cynical and besides they make me positively psychotic. I am still having nightmares about one I did a million years ago where I was so angry at the whole affair I was unable to speak.

Besides which I am sure the organisers would turn me down, because you have to apply for them. I am way to thin skinned to deal with the rejection. Besides I dont have a table cloth with a logo on it.

I reckon that they would be improved drastically if the vendors were not allowed chairs to sit in and talk to their pals but they should be standing in the front and working the stall. But’s that’s just me.

I think when it comes down to it I want to sell bookbinding services to women who need to buy a lot of gifts.


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Oh Deidre this is lovely and will look out for the book xxx

Comment by helen1950

A bit pricy … do you recommend it ?

Comment by helen1950

I got lucky and picked it up for £25 and I am really particular about what books I own. It’s the ultimate present to yourself.
It’s the gift that keeps on giving, so authoritative and deep.
Get a jar and stick £2 coins in it and when your half way buy it.

Comment by growlygracepress

Thanks for your candid reply!

Comment by helen1950

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