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consistency and making
July 15, 2013, 12:53 pm
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I noticed from the stats that some one actually read all the posts the other day thats 185 dollops of rubbish that I dress up as wisdom. So I have gone through all the posts and tried to look objectively at what I am attempting to do and also to see what I have failed to do.

If you are coming here to see a woman give herself a savaging kicking a couple of times a week then you are in for a treat. I beat myself up with such ferocity at times, its cathartic like a good cry. I am very critical about my work and I am one of those tedious truth merchants.

Generally things suck because they remind me of other things that suck.

This is important : I rarely show client work on this blog (there is two or three pictures for some reason and I have taken them down) But I don’t show paid work. Might show a “mates rate”

Every book that I have made for paid commission does not suck, if it did I would kill it off and remake it.
My paid commissions are fantastic great books that make me grin.

My principal motivation is I make it because it makes me happy or it makes me laugh. Obvious one here is whats missing and it’s the fact that I am not making books for the money. I am not responsible for keeping a roof over my head or dinners on the table or the rent of a studio. Thats the responsibility of my husband. I am indulged.

What I am strong about is the construction and the materials, the honesty and integrity of the structure.
I am really good on that.

I am consistent about what should happen at a bookbinding workshop and my ideas have continued to evolve. Basically it’s tradition English bookbinding up the yazoo and no Japanese stab binding (shudder).
I believe that to get good you have to trash materials and if you provide enough materials at a workshop people will take them home and make books.
(that promise I made to send materials to four people who were at my last workshop I am still on it, I have cloth and fabric cut I just need to cut up boards and go through my paper drawers, it’s a promise that I am going to keep)

I like the fact that I actually spend a whole lot of my time just thinking about the problems around bookbinding and on the commissions I work on. It’s my principal strength and I draw on it every day.

This blog is about a celebration of tools, materials and books. It’s about my attempts to make a little book that people will want to buy.

The biggest surprise I got from reading every thing is I don’t mention the construction techniques I am using, I have never actually talked about bookbinding structure I am using, I don’t show how I made the book and why I make books this way.

So I think I am being consistent about what I write.
I know I am making progress.


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