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Say hello to my little friend.
July 15, 2013, 8:54 am
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In my pursuit of the goldilocks book (it’s just right) I have recreated the presses that I had around me when I made the original.


I have taken detailed notes and critically appraised the little books I have made.

Very important to point out that I recognise that what I am up against is my ‘self’ the flaws, mistakes, the rush, the unthinking, the unplanned, the unfinished, the addiction to novelty and the new and lack of knowledge is me it’s my DNA.

I have made at least fifty attempts at the little book and have come close maybe twice.

The latest attempt was made using a digital calliper so the measurements are more accurate, I need to change some materials just a little. I am making progress.

If I had kept an accurate log of every book I made I wouldn’t be having this problem. I could simply go to a card index say and find the dimensions, materials, a photo and could easily recreate it.

What does not kill me makes me strong.


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