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and he said “I had to practice really hard”
July 31, 2013, 11:06 am
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Last week I was in town and my purse was full of copper and pulling down my trousers so I looked around for anyone or any way to get rid of it, I came across a busker playing a guitar and he had a really interesting way of playing, it has jangly and bright and he had this way of slapping the guitar which just added to the etherial loveliness of it. I just tipped out my purse and asked about the technique and he said “I had to practice really hard to get it to this level” and it was astonishing because it looked so easy, so natural, so of the moment. I would never have assumed that he even had to practice it, that the “technique” came unbidden to him and he picked up a guitar for the first time and that sound just flowed out of his fingers.

I asked a bit more and he told me that he found this guy on “You Tube” teaching and explaining. I asked about the “practice” and I seen the look of pain cross his face and I concluded it was that “hard” and he had “practice” to the point of effortlessness. It just flowed.


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