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Do I have the ‘right’ to bookbind.
August 29, 2013, 7:46 am
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Work with me on this. It occurs to me that part of the problem that I am facing in trying to make some money and to be honest thats what has to happen now.
Do I have any entitlement to produce a book that I think can be exchanged for money. I’ll break that down a little bit further.
When I look at what’s available in the craft shops, the internet shops, the stuff is really crap. Sorry if you find that value based judgment offensive. I have a highly developed sense of judgment and really you have no ‘right’ to be offended.
Anyway what I see sucks and I don’t think my books do but what if I am wrong, what if the definitive market value in the area is “the object must not be too good” what if the higher value is “this is as good as handmade gets and it sucks so feel better about yourself”
Is the solution to dial down the values so I can make a book that is just crappy enough?

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I see crap too … and when I say I prefer to pay for a good product … ‘they’ say its a throw away world … it is suggested for instance that I buy 6 pairs of shoes or more for the price of one that will last me at least 3 or 4 seasons and still remain beautiful and even in vogue! I work in an environment where some of the books are over 400 years old and they are in perfect condition. the paper and illustrations are as fine as they were then … a book as shoes should have lasting qualities not only for practical reasons but for the aging beauty!

Comment by helen1950

Well Growly,
I admire your honesty. It is a clear voice in a mire of blabbering blog posts screaming “10 ways to get your business working on the web” or “10 ways that point out that you should not be in business!”

There is nothing wrong with craftsmanship (I say that in its purest, non-sexist form) and you have worked on your skills/craft and earned the right to be critical of the crap. A handmade book is not beautiful just because its handmade – my first book is testament to that. You are way beyond my abilities and I admire your approach as well as your books.

You have the right. Alright?

Great work,


great work,


Comment by Christopher Skinner

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