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My bench on a saturday morning
August 31, 2013, 8:14 am
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I realised that my bench was getting more and more cluttered so I declared a clean and clear bench regime. Obviously this is a ideal in process but I am gaining benefit.
I remove all tools of the bench when I finished using them and the only work I have on the bench is current.
The only books on the bench are in the process of having a task performed on them with in the next hour.


This book has been sewn and I am about to tip in the second and second last sections.


New style endpapers did you know that there is a new edition of ‘Interactions of Colour’ and it’s available for the ipad?


These books have been saw cut and are awaiting to be sewn.


These are their endpapers awaiting to be trimmed.


This is the strips of tyvek I am going to sew them on to.


These books have had the first part of the leavers that will force the spring to open.

Right off for a walk in to town, go to the lit and phil, go to the market come back move paper and boards around the bench and then check out the allotment association annual vegetable show.

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