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Learning to run after my hat.
September 1, 2013, 10:02 am
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Sometimes the wind blows my hat off and I have to run after it. This makes for good comedy, the hat obliges by racing along the pavement on it’s brim and it suicidally rushes headlong in to busy traffic.   I am just willing that a van does not deliver to the cherry on top by obligingly running the hat over.  Because thats my best hat, thats my favourite one, thats my go to hat, thats the one that I stick in the washing machine and it gets better and better. Please hat don’t die.

When this happened to me it was on a Saturday morning on a city centre street and I had to laugh loudly because I was drawing quite a bit of attention and people mobilised and rescued my hat from the road. It was a guffaw moment it soon passed.

A few days later hat blew off in the street I went in to immediate circus clown act much to the amusement of my husband all that was missing was the big yellow and pink polka dot dress. I retrieved the hat.

I’ve got a hat that has ‘idiot sting’ so when it blows off in a gust of wind it nearly chokes me  but it does stay on my person.

When a wind is blowing or I sense that a gust of wind might blow. I take my hat off and carry it in my hands. I do this mostly at traffic crossings as it’s a captured audience who don’t need free entertainment.



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