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fear of plinths

If I have made a book and it’s going to go on a plinth I want to go and have a look at the plinth and the location.
I’t not that I am plinthphobic it’s just I am aware that the book plinth combination is something that needs consideration.

As soon as you place a book on a plinth it’s transformed to a religious item on an alter which is great except I’ve designed it as a book that lies flat on a surface.

On Monday morning it was mentioned that the book was going on a plinth and the book I had made for the event over the week end was designed to be small and intimate, to be handled and cherished and to be loved. It would have been lost on a plinth it would be overwhelmed and would look mean.

So I had to remake the book for a plinth.

It had to be strong, big and full on, taking no prisoners and it had to glow and be powerful.

I had to use a book that I had made as a model for a commission that is ongoing.

Sometimes when I am working on a commission I will ‘model’ the book I think the client wants. That means I ‘pull’ a book together using materials at hand, no thinking, no planing, just a book made from what ever I pull out from the shelf or drawer.
I might have a little experiment or new technique going on with it as well.

So I had a book that was a quarter made that would work on a plinth. So I had to make it whole and it took the best part of a day and when I had wrestled the leather on it I had to polish it.

I don’t like ‘doing the leather’ in the late afternoon, it cut’s across the time I want to prepare and eat dinner and it means that after that I have to go back to the bench and do more work.

In the end it’s you, the book, bone folders, beeswax, sea sponges and a duster. I need four hours of engaging television and I just do it.


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