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talking sense about my bookbinding 2
September 17, 2013, 12:06 pm
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Last week I flagged up this post I had made

A couple of weeks back I said the following.

I am going to go to my bench and make a little book so beautiful and wonderful that a person who is holding it in a shop (I’ll get to that problem / issue later) has to buy it.
They would be unable to walk away from it.
This book is sticky.
It has to be so good it’s can’t be ignored.
Anyone who sees it falls in love.
Buying this book as a gift is going to be loved.

For me at this point in time that little paragraph is at the heart of everything I want to accomplish with bookbinding.

I have further thoughts about what I want to achieve.

I want the books I make to create a feeling of joy.
I want to experience the joy of making and finishing it.
When I hold the book in my hand I want to know joy.
I want the person who picks the book up with their hand in a shop to be filled with joy.
They will buy the book because they want a loved one to experience the joy of being of connected with the beautiful little book.
The little handsome book wins.


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