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Every workshop I’ve done with students. This always comes up.
September 22, 2013, 9:42 am
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In the big long bookbinding workshops it takes the students a couple of days to get up to speed but then they do and they start to really explore bookbinding and invariably they want to make books out of different papers.
I was never that struck on it I think because on reflection the students picked such bad papers. But if you actually take the time and select a good collection of papers you can create ‘interesting’ books. I am being a touch disingenuous with that ‘interesting’ there the students were making books and thats always great.

Andrea wanted a book bound that would be very personal to her this would be very different to the books made for her exhibition. She collected up and made folded sections of drawing papers, cyanotypes, scans, made specific work for the book gave them to me and I bound it up and put a cover on it.


In this photo here you can make out the different papers.


I really wish I took photographs of the contents because it was really special.

So Tracey had books made up of her drawings she’s a friend of Andrea and Andrea had a book made up of different papers and art work so that brings us to Erica.
Erica said “I want an ‘Andrea Book” and Erica has said that I can show you the photos. Before I do that Tracey needed the books to be chained and this is how we did it.


And the goldielock book was made for Tracey because I noticed that she two of her books tied up together with thongs and I wanted to make her ‘umbilical’ books.


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