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searching for the handmade in a market place.
September 29, 2013, 9:57 am
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I found myself yet again walking the length and breadth of a market place and did not see a single hand made item. Fudge, pulled pork sandwiches and croissants that come from a bakery cash and carry do not count.

I seen a lot of giftware that was manufactured in the far east. I seen a lot of ‘businesses’ selling the ‘stuff’

Somewhere there is a marketplace for the handmade.

Thats not precious just matter of fact, these people have made these items by hand using materials from British makers. The stuff they make does not seek to replicate machine made goods. (what would be the point in that?)

I think I want a revival in real crafts rather like what is going on in food.



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I couldn’t agree more! It appalls and disheartens me when I see what people have come to think of as ‘craft’. Also a lot of the time even hand made items are completely useless, not well thought out, or for me, not even very nice! Real craft definitely needs promoting and also by trying to make people understand that well made items are worth the extra cost. Let the uphill battle commence!

Comment by Nancy Power

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