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searching for the craft rebels. I can’t find them where have you hidden them?
October 2, 2013, 7:12 am
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I don’t come across much handmade stuff which actually is really strange as I purport to be a champion for the handmade.
By which I mean ‘my’ handmade, the books I make and the prints I print and I am currently wearing a jumper I knitted. I knit my own hats.

But in the house what else is there?

I sit on hand made chairs.

I no longer have the self hating pug ugly earthenware that I used to eat my muesli out of or display my authentic lumpy hand mashed hummus. I binned them because they were such a downer and you don’t want to have crockery that depresses you.

My bag is handmade.

The belt that holds up my jeans is handmade.

Some of my jewellery is made by a man that I know the name of.
Some of the paper I have in the drawers are hand decorated or hand produced.

I have made my own pastes, polishes and waxes.

Most of the art on the wall has been hand produced.

I have some fine press books.

But there is not much and it’s not that I am going out of my way to avoid handmade items it’s there isn’t that much of an opportunity to buy them.

To actively seek out handmade is bordering on eccentricity.

It’s going to get down to pens, pencils, papers, knives, plates, blankets, clothes the intimate stuff that we use everyday.

The brush I use to scrub dishes with, the dogs collar, the cutting board I use to slice the loaf and the spade I use to dig with.

These are not handmade and they easily could be.

And for Gods sake they don’t have to be so bloody earnest and brown, they don’t need to be so worthy, so puritan, they could be fun.

Handmade should make your heart soar.

It should fit your hand like a glove.


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