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October 6, 2013, 8:05 am
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I was in Edinburgh recently and I was in a shop that was really stunningly unique and original selling hand finished garments that were down right gorgeous and nothing in the market place came even close to them.


So I got taking to the lovely lady in the shop about the finishing technique to the edges of the beautiful clothes and she took up a needle and demonstrated the stitch on the tunic she was wearing!

I was standing there getting this free lesson trying to take it all in and the woman went on to say that special people are attracted to the clothes.
Well sign me up for that!

I am special unfortunately I am broke.

But will have money again and I will gladly give this company loads of money on a regular basis. The key word here is ‘regular’ because these garments are that addictive. One is not enough and they layer.

The other thing about the clothes is that they were not age specific, they would look as good on a 18 year old as well as an 80 year old.

But the major sales point for me was that this was a range of clothes that ‘worked’ with my poor baldy head rather than against it.

The women I seen shopping in the craft shop they were special as well they were seeking out items I think they are always looking for a present to give someone and they want that present to show the love they have for the person.

They also have a price in their head about what the gift should cost.

I am going to over deliver.

All I actually have going for me at the moment is I have some materials and plenty of time and techniques.

Did I mention my tools, my hands and my bench?


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This are FAB!

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