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we need to talk about the work on my bench.
October 9, 2013, 7:31 am
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It’s getting a bit out of control. I seem to have to have trouble finishing books but on the positive side I seem positively addicted to making new ones.

The question that needs asked is ‘what would happen if I actually finished all these books? whats the ‘enviable’ that I am doing my utmost to avoid?


The obvious answer is that I am putting off finding a market for them. Because in the long dark tea time of the soul what’s going on is I am going to pile every thing I think I know about bookmaking and materials and put it out there at a price that is really low.

If that fails then I have to do it all over again.

I’ll just go and count the unfinished books on my bench.

It’s a shocking 28!


I am fairly relaxed about trashing paper, glue, thread, tyvek and board. But I will resist using leather until I have to. If I put leather on and it sucks I might be able to rescue the book and I can use the leather for linings.

I am going to commit to finishing these books on my bench.

I will give them the best covers I can.

They are going to have to tell their own stories.


The series of posts that follow will be about finishing these books.


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