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I am a good plain bookbinder.
October 18, 2013, 6:40 am
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Earlier on this week I had to give multiple explanations at a meeting as to why I was unable to do what the client wanted. The bottom line was I am not a great bookbinder and I didn’t have the chops to pull it off.

I am really cool about my skill level. I am more than happy that in the world there is gazillions of bookbinders way so much better than me.

In order to get these types of chops would have required me to spend quite some time in a serious bindery in a major city that seen a wide selection interesting work coming coming through the door.

I would have needed a great teacher and I would have had been an even greater student.

That route not only didn’t happen I would never have pursued it.

But heres the thing : I was the bookbinder in the room.

I see ‘work’ from time to time of the truly greats, the ones who have sheer and pure unadulterated talent just dripping from their fingers. The kind of stuff that catches your breath and steals it away. It’s just faultless.

You know how there are incredible scientists who are doing serious important work it’s like that in craft.

We have people making things with their hands and using their minds and getting results like Einstein.
And you can see it, touch it, taste it, own it, wear it and you can access it.

I am a good plain bookbinder, my work is not dull or banal.

I don’t have bells and whistles. I can point you in the direction of people better than me and I have no ill feelings about it. I am incredibly cool about saying “well you need to talk to that woman over there”

I win because I don’t see my limitations as a weakness.

My limitations are my strengths.


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