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apropos of nothing


As I was making up my books this morning a couple of things occur to me.

I am aware that my bookbinding can sometimes be described as rustic. Think wholewheat bread with extra added sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, some pine kernels and a spoonful of molasses for added colour. It’s a bit dense and will keep you warm in winter. It’s not the kinda bookbinding that could be mistaken for refined cucumber sandwiches if thats not pushing the metaphor to far.

The other big thought that happened is that I want to make 100 books all at once.

I want to know how you would start to make 100 books, how look would it take and at what stage would you actually start sewing the books up.

How much would it cost for a 100 sheets of paper, some coloured papers for endpapers, scrim, boards, tyvek, kraft paper, thread, leather a tub of pva and a tub of paste.

I reckon thats at least £50 plus the leather.

Might be a bit of a laugh.


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