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The North of England Academy of bookbinding!
October 31, 2013, 9:01 am
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Thats my ‘project’ right there I am going to launch my Academy of Bookbinding, I’ll get to have loads and loads of funding meetings, will network up the yazoo and eventually after a lot of blood sweat and tears I’ll have a shining Academy.

I’ll offer a one year full time bookbinding course make it studio based with the students in little bookbinding dens and lots of little courses lasting a couple of days at a time. I’ll have access course that people can drop in to when they want.

I’ll tie in with the local universities, schools and colleges and I’ll do loads and loads of book art stuff.

It being the north east I will directly link in with the whole Lindisfarne Gospel band wagon with my celtic book division. Obviously I’ll have some calligraphy and illumination going down.

I’ll probably have my Academy in the Ouseburn which will be handy for my outpost at Newcastle’s Lit and Phil which is good for ambiance and dusty old books that need repaired.

Bookbinding will be the new rock and roll in Newcastle!

Obviously I am going to do no such thing I don’t have rocks in my head.

I did think about it yesterday as I had a couple of conversations with young women who having finished their degrees in serious debt still don’t have skills that will allow them to make their way in the world.

Two things came up and one of them is that there is a need for a full time course in crafts that teach just enough skills that you can launch a small business in.
It needs skills, critical appraisal, dose of art and design history and entrepreneur chops.
I’ll through in cake making on a Wednesday afternoon regular choir singing and visits to all the art galleries.
Whats not to like!

I would charge £10,000 for the year and they would have to work really hard. Really hard.

I am going to a meeting in a couple of hours were I am actually pitching something else. But if I was a bit younger, had hair, had some diplomacy chops, if I was actually really nice and caring.

I would have done it.


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