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Can you make a living from bookbinding?
November 8, 2013, 9:06 am
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Depends what you mean by living….

I have been indulged over the years by my husband who had a very proper job while I am not Marie Annoinet playing the shepherdess I really didn’t have to try hard at it.

For years and years my bookbinding has been self-sufficient. I sell a book and buy materials and tools.

I made books for artists who had big fat funding cheques, I picked up work here and there. Word of mouth and repeat buying.
I did make books for sale in a shop and I got the price really wrong.
I do the occasional workshop and classes again I am so laid back I am practically comatose about getting more gigs.

I did jump in to the job market for about ten months or so and specifically spent the lot on tools and materials.

I believe utterly and irrefutably that I can make a living by my bookbinding.

I except that it’s not going to be a great living I’ll still be buying the basics-everyday value-essential food stuffs and I cant remember the last time I ate fresh food that was actually in it’s sell by date code.
But it will be a living.

Because I am going to make books that cost in a retail setting £14.99. I might get £6 from the shop from that. I’ve built up my collection of materials and the books are small and neat. My time is free.

What I am not about to do is engage in the frantic headless chicken mode so beloved of the young craft entrepeneur with a cup cake business.

This is my manifest destiny we are talking about and it’s going to be black calf and marbled all the way.


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