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I was in mid rant in the craft shop the other day.


When it occurred to me that not only did the poor staff did not need to hear me going on and on and on.

I was even waving my arms about denouncing all the stuff in the shop (again even that is boring me) and it hit me that the narrative I have been developing about the purpose of craft shops, selection criteria of the buyers, the objects that the makers make and the objects that the makers make are inherently more fucked up than a fucked up thing.

The whole thing could be written as a mathematical equation.

I promise not to kick off in the craft shop again.

I am going to make books to the best of my ability that function superbly, that are made from the best materials available, that are priced so that people can own them and that are constructed to last for years.

And have a skull on them.
And studs.


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