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knowing your worth as a maker
December 12, 2013, 9:08 am
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I am going to get all retrospective and miserable while I get my hindsight on and give myself a good beating while I consider just some of the things that went really wrong for me this year.

But wait! I shall also be including my new patented remedies that will either kill or cure me next year.

The most profound change that happened to me this year was the insight that binding books for artists really sucked and although I got paid some money in actuality the grief was not worth it. Some artists are mean girls.

I could have got all bitter and angry about it because I felt so powerless and I could not effect change. BUT.

An artist I know was kind to me, encouraged me, paid me for some work that they didn’t need to, which allowed me to buy materials and most importantly actually stated that “I will help you”

A clearly delivered and unconditional offer of help can be profoundly uplifting. It’s what I am going to do next year. Sometimes people are not waving but drowning and they need a lifeline.

I said ‘No’ to so many things this year it became habitual and it is directly connected to my sense of worth as a maker.

Far too much silk purses made from sows ears wanted to be made, wilful and dangerous pushing of my limits as a maker which made for equally exciting and dangerous meetings.

I tolerated way to much ambiguity about the money.

Thats just a manners thing that works against the weak.

What do you want me to do? How much are you going to pay me for it? When will I get the money?


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My dear, I have two proper bits of work to put your way but How How and How do I contact you there is no phone number, email or website, so help me!

Comment by Dixie Nichols

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