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the rainbow list revisited again


Cheryl in Australia asks what has happened to this list.

‘Plan an edition of 20 garden notes’

The most interesting breakthrough I have had this year is I think I understand what an ‘edition’ is. I have been spared the horror of an art school education and subsequently have big gaps in my knowledge.

So I think an edition is a planed number of books that have a wee label on them going blah blah blah and a number. I am about to contact a designer who I would like to do the type setting for me and hopefully write the bloody thing as well.

I also want a ‘colophon’ type set as well.

Anything I can do to give value to the little book is desirable. The person holding the book may be interested to know that it is hand made and some details about the process.

Find more teaching.

Yes I actually did have more teaching. I also have insight about what I can actually do in a half day or full day sessions. My unique selling point is that I am teaching traditional English craft bookbinding and you would think that it would be so commonplace that dogs would be barking at it.

I said no to a proposal of a regular session at a art room I thing it was a couple of hours and it would run for 10 or 15 sessions and I said no because I don’t have enough material and techniques in my bag. I know there is people out there who have 57 varieties of coptic stitched books but I don’t.

I have no teaching at all next year. I shall be hunted for my beauty and have only have my cunning to survive.

Make sewing cradles for the course.

I made the students at my last workshop a little sewing gauge and that went down well. I will make a cradle to show them thats if I get more teaching.

Make a coptic binding.

Actually my hands refuse to make anything other that ledger style binding.

Do the slotted technique.

Still don’t know what I mean here I might do a bit of research to see what I was babbling about.  

Make two baby books a week and advertise them in the lit and phil.

This is one of my cunning career plans where by I churn out a specific book for the rest of my life. Obviously after the grand parent market.

If I was invited to give an academic paper.

Obviously I am having issues that I don’t have a degree but I was considering in applying for a gig as a book artist in residence, you get to look at the collection of artist books they have and you get to make one for the collection.  They give you money as well.

What I was considering doing is go up and audit the collection, write up the techniques and use that for the basis of a bookbinding for wannabe book artists class and I would teach a session to students and offer a class for staff. But wait there’s more!

I would produce an artist book. 

I would work with a mathematician and they would help me write up the equation or algorithm that would predict the number of book artists that could work in any size town. Thats pure genius that is. I have given long thought as to how many book artists can make a decent living in a small city. With science on my side I can get an answer and may even have sales as a hot book artist.

Write up St Cuthbert project.

Didn’t happen.  I was so disgusted by sideshow that Durham University put up for the Lindisfarne Gospels that I couldn’t bring myself to go and see them.  I did do some more work on Celtic lettering and I will get around to doing a copy of the Stoneyhurst Gospel cover at some point. Soon.

Clean up the press and do a printing.

I did and I enjoyed myself immensely. Looking forward to do some printing soon. I am liking the idea of lines from Leaves of Grass by old Walt printed on to some painted papers.

Make a series of books on Florligum.

This is still on going for me. I have done a treatment for the lettering. I would like to have that made in to a gold tool. I know how the books should look. It’s going to be one  of those edition things that I don’t quite understand.


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