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No binding of the year.


At any point in time if asked I could produce the book that I had I had decided was the best work I had done so far.
This year as I look back I am surprised that nothing springs to mind.
This year is the year when I said ‘no’ to practically every thing and then I was surprised when a couple of big organisations and people said ‘no’ to me.
Some times I do a book and I am so in love with it I hang on to it for ages and keep it on my bench where I can see it. But there has been nothing this year that did that for me.

I think the little ‘hinny’ book was close and I am working to make this series of Geordie terms of endearment better and really sticky in the hand.
So sticky they are bought immediately with out asking the price.


I have some really strong ideas for series or editions of small books, actually incredibly strong.

But I would have liked to be able to think of a book that made my heart soar.
I think I might just have to make one before the year is out!


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Hinny is awesome.

Comment by hellolyd

So tempted to do “Valentine Hinny” which would actually be correct dialect wise.
Just in time for that all important Valentine market.

Comment by growlygracepress

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