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“I coulda’ been a contender”
December 27, 2013, 11:23 am
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In the jet black stinking heart of my issues around bookbinding (a touch on the harsh side perhaps) but the demon I fight with all the time is I don’t plan and I don’t think enough. I don’t see things to a logical conclusion, I fail to evaluate the result, I don’t review the process and it’s always a recipe for making me annoyed.

It’s the unthinking and thoughtlessness that is my undoing.

This book is a case in point.

I said yesterday that nothing sprang to mind in any bookbinding that I was in love with this year. But this book could have been in the frame.

It’s failed because it’s a proof of concept that didn’t need to be made in to a book. I thought about a method to do the ‘red dots’ and I did it.

I has having another ‘bash’ at the script, have done the same script at least four times before.

This was a book that didn’t need to be made. But I made it.

I failed to consider the ‘dimensions’ of the book. So it’s ‘out’ I failed to think about the edge colouring and i’t ‘out’ But it’s the ‘slapping’ on the script that is the most ‘out’

I know from experience that it’s not enough to just stick some lindisfarne lettering on a cover and get away with it.

I think I will use this as a learning exercise and think carefully and craft a solution to the whole problem.

I will produce a book utilising Celtic lettering and decoration.

It will be great.


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