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I am admired.
December 29, 2013, 1:33 pm
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A woman was talking to me the other day. She said she had seen me in “River Island”. A shop I have never entered in my entire life. I said “not me” and she insisted it has my double and I said ‘Whats there are two badly dressed bald women in Newcastle I though I had the franchise for that”

She was mortified and looked like she was going to cry.
It was all she could say was “I really admire you”

She went on to make some mumbling remarks about not wearing a wig.

Being bald makes people uncomfortable. I remind people of death. I avoid cafes and bars in case I frighten people. I have seen people flinch and gasp and look horrified.
I put people off their cake!

The other thing is that being bald it renders you invisible. People avert their eyes. I get referred to as mate or sir then they become flustered as they realise that I am a woman.

People who have know me for years walk past me. I let them as well.

A woman who knows me from dog walking was surprised that it was me and went on to recount about how beautiful her sons hair was and asked if I knew a wig maker because she has it in a box. She was going to give it to me.

Lucky me.


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