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December 30, 2013, 9:09 am
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This is what I am going to do in the near immediate future.
As in as soon as I finish posting this and go look at my bench’s surface.

I am in the process of making three different types of books that could be sold in a retail setting.

When I talk about ‘books’ I specifically mean a book that has blank pages that is sold as a note book or journal.
I don’t make novels, the pages are not full of babble. Some people are generally perplexed and sometimes angry that I make ’empty’ books.

Anyway this is what I am working on.

1. The Geordie terms of endearment.
2. Allotment notebooks.
3. Angry books.

You all know about 1 and 2 because I have posted about them before. 3. ‘Angry books’ is not new to me but something I have been going back and forward to for years. I have never signed up for the universal suppression of anger. I see anger as a positive energy.

I am working on a series of books that announce their intentions on the cover. Stay tuned.

Instead of doing a bookbinding class in the first January I am going to write it up real time. For years I have been saying I need to do a hand out now I will.

I have three workshops I can teach to anyone who wants to give me money basically.

1. An introduction to traditional bookbinding techniques.
2. Bookbinding for book artists.
3. The making and keeping of ‘sketchbooks’

1 and 2 is old ground, tried tested and true. 3. Has only had one outing and is a barn burner.

It’s my belief that a lot of horse shit is talked about ‘sketch books’ and this comes principally through the mouths of art teachers. The other offenders are the publishing houses who promote a constant stream of publications of collections of pages of artist and designers sketchbooks. Fear sells.

I have a collection of these books and when I hand them around groups of students it’s always with the advice of find a style of sketchbook page layout that speaks to you and then rip it off. I am not an art teacher and I can be very fluent in horse shit but trust me on this one.

Time for a picture of a dog.


Off to my bench to do a binding and then I am going to write up my ideas on ‘key performance indicators’ you lucky people.


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