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The cult of the “beauty book”
January 5, 2014, 12:22 pm
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One of the things I have identified over the years of hanging around with art students and art schools is the desperate need for the ‘beauty book’

Students are told by their teachers to keep a sketch book and I have heard that some teachers like to look at them.
I do know that keeping and maintaining of a sketch book is the cause of much fear and anxiety.
Principally because art teachers don’t teach it as a subject. The proper care and maintenance of a sketch book should be a foundation skill that should last a lifetime.

The publishers noticed the gap and rushed to fill it with books that principally promote fear and anxiety.

Collections of the pages of the sketch books of the great, famous and not so famous is practically a publishing phenomena. Go look on Amazon there is at least 20 books offering a peek or a look in to extraordinary sketch books of designers, artists and illustrators.

I am going to go out for a walk but when I get back I am going to have a look at the ones that I think are really good. Obviously I am going to include the pages of the one which nearly made me bite my own arms off I was so consumed with love and was just so humbled by.


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