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My honourable intentions.
January 6, 2014, 10:12 am
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My husband has returned to work after a very long break and I am now alone with the dog and I have to put in a new structure and order in my life.

One of the first things I normally do is I set about writing an unfeasible ‘todo’ list running maybe between 70 to 100 things I would like to do. They are mostly about the day to day management of the house and my real job of wife, dog walker and maker of packed lunches.

I always have this dream of going about having coffee and chatting but really I just want the adventure of going out with my bag. It’s a really nice bag. Also I don’t know many people and I am as dull as ditch water.

If I was going about with bag and having an actual life instead of wondering what happened to all the lids of plastic lunch boxes. I would perhaps go and photograph Georgian Squares and do some research in the special collections of the university of a artist who I much admire. Hang out in the graveyards looking at lettering.
Ride my funny little bike. Go swimming. Devise advertising campaigns for my little books and enact them.

I could do some letterpress, I could write up my thoughts on teaching bookbinding to a room of bored students. I could get my head around how to order cheap train tickets on line and have a campaign of visiting art collections I’ve always wanted to see.

I should be bold and outrageous and have a time table of wild and exciting activities. I should reach out to people and say please meet me for coffee.

I should have a massive clear out starting from the back yard and marching through the house removing all the rubbish, the broken, the not needed, the ill fitting and the down right annoying. Must account for at least a third of the house contents. There is plenty of empty bins in the street I could just dump every thing.
Absolve myself of the responsibly of curating the museum of me.

Bookbinding is the constant. On my bench I have to make a special book that I am really looking forward to.

And I have to make a book to record my experiments in seed germination. It will have an cut index. High excitement and considerable tension.



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