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Art students don’t trust the printed book.
January 7, 2014, 1:54 pm
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I could have picked any book on any of my shelves but this one will do. It’s taken me years to fully appreciate that teachers at secondary schools have taught them the precise methods to get the grades necessary to get in to university. The force feeding of bite size knowledge, served up via the internet has damaged the any pretence of scholarship and the absolute joy and thrill of learning.

Because the students are unable to tell if the book they are looking at is going to be of any value to then, how could they tell? how do they judge it?

This book would be rejected out of hand.

When I do the bookbinding classes I always do a whole song and dance about the celebration of all thing book and demand that they bring in books and tell that book’s story as to why it is important to them.

I worked out that as art students they would have been particularly attracted to children’s picture story books and I was right. Your average art student will swoon with delight when given the opportunity to talk about a much loved book.

But they are not reading much else.

Is there anything better than fish finger sandwiches in pulpy white bread and lashings of butter?


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